Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Vacation Plans

So my winter vacation from my job starts this afternoon! YAY! DO A LITTLE DANCE! So I thought this would be a good way to keep track of what I plan to accomplish this Holiday Break.

1.) Sleep…a lot. 
I am not a morning person, so since I have had to get up early for quite awhile I plan on sleeping in a lot and taking some naps.  Eventful, I know.

2.) Go to the dentist.
This isn’t something I really want to do…it’s not that I am afraid of the dentist, it is just that I now have a new dentist.  I have been going to the same dentist since I first started going to the dentist and now, since I live in St. Louis, I have to go to someone different.  It’s pretty scary, plus I don’t like change.  But a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

3.) Find some dresses for Christmas.
I have lost quite a bit of weight since receiving my Master’s in May and so I am in need of some new dresses.  I have one, but I have three Christmas’ to go too, plus New Years, PLUS my birthday.  So I will need at least three more, or at least a new skirt or something to go with outfits I already have.

4.) Lose weight
Not something that will be the easiest, since it is Holiday season, but I am going to try.  I plan on walking around 5 miles a day, or more, starting tonight.  I’m a little walking machine. 

5.) Practice my dances
This speaks for itself.  I dance, I need to practice…lets do this!

6.) Clean the house. 
Now I am a germaphobe, I admit it, but sometimes while I am working during the day, in the evening all I want to do is sit and watch tv.  So sometimes the house isn’t as clean as I would like it to be.  I want to change that this break.

7.) Play with Bella
She is my Oosha Boo Boo Baby Girl, and needs some quality time with her mama (that’d be me).

8.) Spend some much needed time with my family and with my friends
I will be heading back to my small town for a few days over break.  I plan on seeing Ryno, The Stud (you haven’t been formally introduced to him, but I will explain in a later post who "The Stud" - his name for himself -  is.) , and Kat for at least a few hours while I am back.

9.) Read books and magazines
Again all I want to do when I am off work is watch tv and sit on the couch, nothing else is in the mix.

10.) I just added this because I don’t like odd numbers.

Expect more Holiday stories in the coming days…I’ve got a least 4 more Christmas ones, if not more, and a few for New Years.  If anyone else has a break, enjoy it! I know I will

OH! I forgot to add in "Blog" on my list…but that would make it 11 things on the list…hmmm…this doesn’t look good…

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