Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Water Babies"

It’s a common thing among my friends and me. We have had multiple water babies…sometimes up to 10 in a day.  They happen when you drink a lot of water for weight loss or due to working out a lot and you just gulp down your water.  You become full with a water baby.  Depending on how your day is going you might have water baby after water baby after water baby. 

I personally try and drink two gallons of water a day.  With this causes quite a few water babies a day.  I think my office thinks I am crazy always getting up and running to the bathroom.  But if you drink a lot of water that is what happens, you’ve gotta go gotta go gotta go.  When I workout a lot, burning over 600 cals in a day is my “a lot” workout days…maybe once or twice a week, I could drink a little under 3 gallons of water that day.  When I have a great workout I gulp down bottles of water like it is nothing to replenish myself and try to get the water back in me that I sweated out.  It could take me 2 minutes and I would have a bottle of water gone.  I LOVE me some water, though water babies, not so much.  Water babies can make you feel like your head is going to explode with water or that your insides are just floating on water.

The name water baby was derived from my workout friends and I discussing what our stomach looks like when we drink so much water in one sitting.  When you gulp down two bottles of water like it is nothing your stomach grows outward and kind of looks like a “food baby” (which for those of you who don’t know is what happens when you eat so much food your stomach protrudes outward and usually you have to unbutton your pants so you don’t feel all uncomfortable being squeezed in…i.e. Thanksgiving dinner), minus the food part.  Since it isn’t food that is involved we call it a water baby, you still have that uncomfortable feeling with the water too.

Water babies have got to be one of the quickest and easiest pregnancies ever.  If only real labor was like this.  I’ve never experienced a pregnancy  but I’ve heard stories of what pregnancy and childbirth is like, and it sound painful and long.  If it was like having a water baby it would take only a few minutes, under an hour for the whole thing, to grow and be put into labor, you wouldn’t have to go to the hospital (just your nearest restroom), and it is a quick and fast delivery.  Though sometimes the water babies keep hold and you could have quadruplets from the one water baby if it doesn’t all want to come out at one time which means more trips running to the restroom.  After the water baby (or babies) have been delivered your stomach is back to being flat and defined instantly and you no longer feel uncomfortable. 

I’m off to finish my first 32oz bottle of water for the day…how much water have you drank today?

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  1. Ok first off, kenny thinks im a nut job when I tried to tell him about water babies!!!! I laughed so hard over this its not even funny. You dont have to go to the hospital, just your nearest bathroom roflmbo!!!!!!!!