Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Cell Phone

It was a wonderful Friday morning, a bright sunny day outside.  I was suppose to go to my parents house after work, and decided to call my mom after Bebe asked me to come home first so we could have supper together. 

I parked my car in the lot outside of my work and called my mom on the cell.  My phone has been with me for over 2 years…it does everything for me!  We get lost, I bring out my phone; we need a random fact about life, I bring out my phone; I need to text you a funny joke, I bring out my phone; I need to call you, oh yes, that handy dandy phone is put to use.  I touched my moms cell phone in my address book (it’s a touch screen) and it dialed her number.  This is when a great day turns horribly bad…the phone never rang, it just went to a noise.  The noise sounded like someone breathing heavily, and then mixed a garbled undertone of whispered nonsense, which would then return to the heavy breathing.  What in the world is this?!?

At first I thought, my mom must have answered with her purse (like a purse dial aka as a butt dial or pocket dial but instead of a dial it was answering).  So I waited a few more minutes for my mom to say something, and then I said “Mom?”  Then it went from the heavy breathing to a really loud and mad sounding garbled undertone of yelling nonsense.  Oh My Gosh I made it angry!

I had two options…(trying to think clearly as the noise on the other end went from being mad to whispering nonsense to heavy breathing on the other line)…
A.) I could rush in and tell my coworkers to listen in because it was just too freaky!
B.) Hang up and call my mom again and hope whatever was on the line now didn’t pick up again.

I went for option B, because I didn’t want to rush in and ask them all to listen in and the thing get really mad or for it to just shut up and then I look crazy.  And also because I needed to talk with my mom.

I dialed my mom again and it rang and she picked up.  I asked her if she had heard the noise too, and she said she had.  I asked her if she had called out my name to see if it was me and if it had gotten angry.  She had called out my name, but the noise did not get angry…so the thing must have had mommy issues. 

When I got off the phone with my mom and went inside to work I told everyone in my office about it…lets just say they all thought I was going to be abducted and because they knew me, they too, were going to be abducted as well.  It was aliens, a possessed phone, or an airplane mixing up the signals.

I made it through the weekend, and nothing happened…I am hoping it was just a misplaced signal…but it was weird and that misplaced signal had real mommy issues. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bella’s New Duck

I bought Bella a duck last year.  It is a plush stuffed toy duck and it squawks whenever you squeeze it. Anyway she loves it.  She picks that toy over any other toy that might be around.  You put your arms out for her to come and cuddle with you, and she will run to get her duck because the duck just can’t be left out of a good hug, now can it? 

After a whole year of her tugging it around everywhere she went (it’s like a security blanket) Bebe and I finally decided it had to go.  It went from a bright shade of brown and white to a nasty shade of gray over this time period and it had a hole near the neck where Bella held it most often.  But Bella can’t go a day without her Duck.  She goes crazy when she can’t find it, or she just gets depressed and sleeps all day (well she does that anyway, but when she can’t find her duck she has a very sad expression on her face when she sleeps and she has nightmares where she is running away from something…or maybe running to something…like her duck). 

She left it downstairs one day and spent all day looking through every room trying to locate it, and finally when I went downstairs to do laundry and she followed me and came upon it, you would have thought it was the best day in the whole world for her.  She jumped on it, and ran up and down the stairs with it in her mouth until I came upstairs to play with her and the duck.  So there was no way of getting rid of the duck totally.

So I looked everywhere to try and find a replacement duck…but it needed to be the same type of duck and it had to make the same kind of noise.  I got her a squirrel toy, and she didn’t play with it much, my mom got her a raccoon, and she played with it only because I forgot to bring her duck with us and then she tore the raccoon up, my mom bought her a skunk and Bella likes it, but she rarely plays with it she always picks her duck over it.  I have bought her bones and other toys and she never touches them.  The duck was nowhere to be found…it wasn’t at the original store anymore, except for in a much smaller size, it wasn’t at any pet stores, and it wasn’t at the hardware stores.  So where was I suppose to go?  THE INTERNET!  I got online and put in Dog Duck Toy, and BAM! There it was!  So I ordered it (spent $13 on this little toy) and it was on its way! 

When the new toy finally came, you would think she would be all pleased and forget about the old duck.  WRONG!  She now plays with both the old duck and the new duck.  She gets confused about which one she should play with so we get to play with both.  One duck is in her mouth, the other duck she is kicking along with her feet towards you.  I doubt we are ever going to get rid of the old duck now. 

Three things I did, and three things I did not do, over the Christmas holiday.

Three things I did Not Do:

I did not get to watch A Christmas Story.  I know I said I would, but every time it was one, I got distracted or someone wanted my attention (more on this in the Three things I did do section). So I still don’t know why the lamp is shaped like a leg or why a little boy would put his tongue on a pole in the middle of winter.

I did not blog after Christmas…I know I was a horrible horrible blogger…I just haven’t had the time, but I promise to make it up to you all (you’ll understand why in the Three things I did do Section).

I did not get sick! YAY! Which is a huge achievement for me…usually every Christmas I am either sick, or coming down with something.  This Holiday season I was way too busy to be sick.

Three things I did do:
I did say “Yes” to Bebe when he asked me to Marry Him.  There now can you see why I have been busy. He asked me Christmas eve (that story to come later) it was perfect and wonderful.  That evening while we were at his Grandpas house A Christmas Story was on, and I wanted to watch it, but I was busy talking with everyone about the wedding planning.  Then Christmas Day when it was one we were at my families Christmas and we had the same problem.  So still I have never seen A Christmas Story all the way through, but I don’t really think you can blame me on this one…blame Bebe.

I did plan a wedding.  Basically I had two weeks after Bebe asked me until my work started up again.  So in those two weeks I did nothing but research places, buy things, and plan out everything (well as much as I could so I wouldn’t have to worry about so much when I went back to work).  It was a really rough two first weeks of engagement.  But I figure if Bebe can stick with me through those first two weeks we will be good together for life together. 

I did get to spend a lot of quality time with my family and my future in-laws.  That is one of my favorite things about the Holiday season.  With all the planning and organizing and everything I spent a lot of time being with everyone who is involved.  I had a wonderful time being with everyone and spending a wonderful holiday with them all.

I apologize for my absenteeism, but I will be posting more regularly now that more things are finished and my worries (remember I am a worry wart) are put to rest (well some of them are).  Happy Dance is back to Dancing Happy :)