Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Dance = Bridezilla?

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I, Happy Dance, have had a few Bridezilla moments.  You’ve probably seen the tv show that shoes Brides just blowing up and going off on people and having those Bridezilla moments, well I haven’t been as bad as they have, but I did have one moment that probably could have landed me a star part in the show.

Most of my moments were moments that I just said I was being a “Bridezilla” but mostly I was just playing around.  One of those moments was when I talked to one of the groomsman and told him that he had to go and get fitted for his tux tomorrow (or sometime this week) and I told him throughout that conversation, about ten times, this is a Bridezilla moment, are you ready?  Throughout the whole thing I was serious but had fun with it…and at the end just told him to get it done soon so it would be done.  See not so bad of a moment.  Most of the time I am just joking or I tell people around me doing wedding stuff I am done for the day, it’s been too much for me and I’m not feeling like doing wedding stuff anymore.

I’ve only had one major Bridezilla moment and it was a doosey!  Usually I can keep my temper under control.  I usually quietly leave the room, keep my thoughts inside until I can work through them so I won’t be screaming and yelling at everyone and their children.  I don’t like yelling and I don’t like fighting, I’d rather be rational and calm.  But sometimes that whole plan up there doesn’t work, I’m human people I have my moments! 

My biggest and worst Bridezilla moment was over….postage stamps.  That’s right the stamps put me over the edge and I just went crazy.  If I had seen it instead of being it, I would say I probably grew like 10 feet, my eyes turned red, fire came out of my mouth and steam was shooting out of my ears, while my hair turned to snakes, and I became something between Godzilla and a mythical Greek demon.  Yeah…it wasn’t pretty.

I know, looking back on it, stamps are not anything to really get worked up about, but I did.  I couldn’t stop myself until I pulled myself away from the project to just chill.  I felt bad for Bebe, listening to me go on and on and on about stamps.

The reason for the Stamp Explosion of 2011 was due to me trying to send thank you notes and some invitations out.  I had written all the thank you notes I needed to write and was planning sending out the invites too.  Do make the invitations it was a process, not to terribly long, but the printer always gave me issues for everything, and I didn’t want to have to deal with that anymore.  Plus I am a person who once I start on a project I do it all in a night, no stopping, no breaking them up in pieces to complete over a week, NO if I have a project to do I do it in one sitting and complete it fully.  It’s a bad habit I have. 

My mom had bought Bebe and me a lot of packs of stamps both the forever stamps, and the 64 cent stamps needed for the invitations.  I sat down where the stamps were kept and couldn’t find a one.  Where were the stamps?  I kept looking for them and finally had enough.  I was near tears because without the stamps, it was useless for me to work on the invitations because I couldn’t finish them and then the project wouldn’t be complete.  I asked Bebe to help, thinking after he had revamped (which really made the office so much better) the office the stamps were moved and he would know where they were.  He didn’t.  He helped me look for a little while, all the while I am freaking out because we don’t have stamps.  The ugly creature above was me.  “How can we not have stamps?  Do you know how many my mom bought us?  There is no way we could have run out?  Are you sure you didn’t throw them out? How can you not know where they are?” Oh yeah, I was a blaming horrible creature to Bebe.  I’m surprised Bebe didn’t just leave the house to get away from the Bridezilla me, or that he didn’t try to use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire that was blazing out of my mouth.  He was calm though and helped me look, even though we had probably used up the stamps already, or I had left them at my moms.

Finally he calmed me down and told me to just finish my project and he would buy more stamps in the morning.  I still wasn’t happy about this, but my creature side was slowly diminishing.  I became a normal Happy Dance again…you know more happy then outrageously horrible.  I finished my project and watched television with Bebe.  Bebe went out the next day, bought the stamps, and that night the invites and thank you notes went out without a problem.  I apologized a lot to Bebe, for my actions, there was no reason for me to be a Bridezilla about misplaced or lost stamps…they are just stamps!

At the end of the day we got a huge laugh out of it, and still now, every once in awhile we will joke and laugh about not having any stamps.  It was probably the worst I have ever been and it was over postage stamps.  Who does that?  Bridezillas do that.  It was my goal, throughout this whole wedding planning thing, to not be a Bridezilla ever, but I had my one horrible moment.  I still feel awful for acting in such a foolish way about stamps, but at least Bebe and I can laugh about it.  We only have 29 more days before the wedding, and I know we still have a few little stresses on us, but I am hoping that I got the worst of my Bridezilla moments out of my system and it will be more smooth sailing from now on.  I can’t believe I acted like that and honestly hope I never do again…it was over stamps for goodness sake!   At least I had Bebe and he was calm and collected and brought me down to reality.  If I turn into a horrible Bridezilla beast again anyone around me is allowed to smack me back down to reality! 


  1. ahahahaha well I gotta ask, did you ever find the missing stamps???? hehehe I sorry honey but at least its all over. I was cracking up about bebe grabbing the fire extinguisher thought hahaah Medusa came to mind with the snake hair hehehee Glad its over and you can laugh about it now :)

  2. Nope...stamps are still MIA :) We have others now and the monster is under control, hopefully for wasn't a pretty moment haha :)