Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bug in the Bread Box

I wake up, during the week, at 6:15 everyday.  I get out of bed, stretch, use the restroom, take a shower, and then move into the kitchen to make my lunch pail up and make my breakfast.  Sometimes after the shower I am fully awake, sometimes I am still not quite ready to face the day, but not matter what I keep trudging to the kitchen to prepare my lunch/breakfast for the day. 

I am a pretty simple girl and I eat the same breakfast everyday, during the week.  I always make myself a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, one slice folded over, and sometimes I throw in a glass of milk just to spice up and add more protein to my breakfast.  It's kind of a curse, really.  I always make it and if I don't, during the week, I feel must be the Devil!  A few mornings ago I shuffled from the bathroom to the kitchen, not fully awake, and really wanting to head back to bed, to make my lunch and breakfast.  Bebe is never awake this early in the morning.  It is just Bella and me, and most of the time Bella “grrs” or gives me the look of “do you know what time it is?” when I walk by her in the morning.  So I try to be as quiet as I can every morning.

I quickly threw everything needed for lunch in my lunch pail and moved on to the breakfast portion of my morning routine.  We had run out of bread a few days before, so when I was at a store the night before I bought us some bread. The bread hadn’t made it into the bread box, but it was laying in front of the bread box on the counter top.  I put the bread on top of the plastic sandwich baggy and opened up the bread box to get the peanut butter; we store it next to the bread since I reach for it every morning with the bread.  I grabbed the jar and then jumped!  I almost screamed...OK, OK, I did was just quietly.  Something in the bread box moved!  It was all shadowy in the bread box so it was hard to see exactly what it was...was I seeing things maybe? 

I looked again and there was this feathery creature in the back corner of the bread box trying to climb up the wall (having great difficulty achieving that) and hiding in the corner.  I quickly took out the peanut butter jar and shut the lid. 

I know what you are thinking…why didn’t you just kill it?  Well you get startled by a bug at 6:30 in the morning, half awake, and the other person in your house is asleep and your dog growled out you earlier and rolled over to face away from you to get more shut eye and you know if you tried to kill it, in the process, you would scream and wake up Bebe and then Bella would probably jump up to see what was wrong ready to charge at whatever I was screaming at and when she would see that it was nothing she would probably grumble, her dog grumble, and walk away back to her bed.  See! What would you do with that.  I bet you would have chosen to close the bread box too! 

I inspected the peanut butter jar to see if this bug had major teethers and if it bit a hole in the jar, it didn’t bit a hole in the jar, so it must not have teeth (or at least big ones) so that was good.  I quickly made my sandwich, put it in the bag, and headed back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and dry my hair and get ready for the day.  Once I had made it to work I got on an internet social networking site that Bebe and I both use.  I wrote one sentence, “There is a bug in the bread box, please kill it.”

When I got home that evening I walked in the door, and asked, “Did you kill the bug?”  He had, Thank you Bebe!  What is it with bugs trying to scare me all the time.

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