Thursday, December 16, 2010

Annual Wrapping Paper Ball Fight!

Here is a sentimental and creepy blog post for ya!

Every Christmas, since my youngest cousins were born, my grandparents, parents, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins and I would have this Wrapping Paper Ball Fight (It’s capitalized because this is THE event of the season) after we finished opening presents on Christmas Eve.  This fight would last for at least 15 minutes each time and everyone just goes crazy throwing paper balls at each other.  This was one of the best parts about Christmas. 

One Christmas my Grandma was in the hospital and so we had a very small version of the Wrapping Paper Ball Fight.  A few days later, Dec 27th, we lost her.  Before we could have the next Christmas, on Dec 2nd, we lost my grandpa.  So a great memory of  my grandparents will always be having that Annual Wrapping Paper Ball Fight throughout the years. 

The year my grandpa died, it was a very sad time in our family at Christmas.  Grandma and Grandpa would no longer be apart of our Wrapping Paper Ball Fights.  But instead of just lounging around after we ate and opened presents my little cousin threw a wrapping paper ball at my face.  AND THEN IT WAS ON!  We threw wrapping paper balls until we our arms hurt from throwing them.  It was a wonderful time and a great way to remember my grandparents. 

Creepy part:
Now during this Wrapping Paper Ball Fight I took pictures.  In the pictures you see all of our faces laughing, and you can see us throwing paper, and you can see Orbs…lots and lots of Orbs.  Nothing but Orbs!  The last few years I have taken pictures of the fight and each time before and right after the fight there are no orbs…but during…they are EVERYWHERE!  Last year I brought Bebe with me.  It was our first Christmas together.  This year it looks like it is snowing on him and in the room where the fight took place. 

Now I don’t know if I truly believe that it is my grandparents or not, but I will say this it is creepy and weird.  But if I think of it as my grandparents coming back to share their love of the Annual Wrapping Paper Ball fight with us…it isn’t as scary.  The reason it looks like snow on Bebe’s face is because they really like him and approve (or at least that is my thoughts on it). 

Now back to Sentimental:
Now that we are back in the rush of the Holiday season, lets not forget those little things we do in families that are tradition.  For that side of my family it is the Wrapping Paper Ball Fight for my other side it is drinking grasshoppers (not the insect, but the minty drink of awesomeness).  No matter what happens (or how creepy it can sometimes be, what with orbs and everything) keep up those traditions.  They bring families closer together, gives you great memories of family members that are no longer with you.  PLUS it gives you an awesome thing to look forward too. 

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