Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Story

It’s not that I haven’t wanted too, or that I haven’t tried, it’s just that…I haven’t.  I haven’t watch “A Christmas Story” all the way through.  I know, I know, throw rocks at me now…it’s horrible to say out loud…well write out on this blog. Ya’ll are probably judging me silently…or screaming at the computer screen.  I’m probably not a real honest to goodness full bloodied American because I haven’t seen it all the way through.

I know, it’s something I really need to do…but every year it just never happens.  I start to watch it, but then I get distracted, go to sleep, get bored (I know I said bored) and miss most of the story. 

On the other hand, I see that it is a 24 hours marathon and I have plenty of opportunities to watch it on Christmas day…but I always sit down in front of the tv right when it’s in the middle or near the end.  I have seen bits and pieces…I get the point of the story, but still have never seen it all the way through.  I’ve seen the highlights (I guess) of the movie…there is a leg lamp, a bb gun, and apparently you can’t stick your tongue on a pole without it getting stuck.  I’ve only learned these highlights from years and years of trying to watch movie.

This Christmas, I promise I will try and watch it…but I doubt I will get through it all, again.  Christmas day is a hubbub of going ons at my house and a lot of people talking and my grandpa has the TV remote.  Yes, usually he falls asleep, and at that point I could probably sneak in there and grab it away from him, but he would A.) either wake up from me changing the channel, or B.) he would snore so loudly I wouldn’t be able to watch the show anyways. 

I think Bebe might have to interfere and make a point that we watch it this year.  Hopefully he can successfully drag me away from my family into the den room in front of that tv and we can watch it.  We will see if this mission will be completed.    

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  1. I say, don't watch it! You can be one of the very few people in America that can go through life saying that you actually went through your life without watching it. That sounds cool to me.