Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How a worry wart deals with things…

Hello name is Happy Dance and I’m a…no I just can’t say it…well I probably should…but what if it’s not something someone wants to hear and I hurt them because they to are just like me and…a worrier. 

That first line would be my introduction at a Worry Wart Meeting (not AA but WW).  I worry about everything…and probably the best way to describe my worrying would be to tell you about a time back in high school when I was with my friend Kat. 

Kat and I have an interesting relationship.  We met in church playing tic-tac-toe during the sermon.  We were two very different people and somehow that made it all work.   By looking you would see this: a tall blonde girl and a shorter brunette girl.  One girl would be wearing some neon colors or something very girly…the other girl would be wearing black with some rock band logo on the front of some of the t-shirts.  We make for an odd pair of best friends.  But again, I think that is what makes us work…we bring out the best (or in the scenario below, the worst) in each other.

The story begins with Kat and me getting in my car and going to a nearby town.  Remember my home town is VERY small, so the nearest town that has anything other then a gas station is 15 minutes away, so that is where we were going.  My car, at the time, is so small that it “eats” people.  They get stuck, bang their head, or they just can’t seem to fit their whole bodies inside without some time and maybe a stick of butter to help them slide in.  So after getting in the car that “eats” people we were on our way.  She was suppose to be going over to my house, but instead we decided that we were going to fast food joint in the near by town to see some of our friends that worked there. 

At the fast food restaurant we started to talk to some of our friends and they just happened to get a rush of people in at the same time, so Kat and I decided to leave.  In the process of leaving one of our friends asked us if we wanted something to drink and gave us two sodas to go.  He slide the drinks from his side of the counter to our side.  I told them we couldn’t take it, and Kat elbowed me in the stomach (she was really good at that) and told me to take it. 

This is when it all went down!  I FREAKED OUT! We couldn’t take the drinks because we hadn’t bought the drinks, we were stealing!  Kat told me to calm down and think about it, the friend had given us the drinks, therefore it’s not on us, it’s on them.  That sentence apparently didn’t make any sense in my small little mind, filled to the brim with worry, and I kept on freaking out….what if the police come after us, I can’t go to jail, who is going to bail us out, and why would we go to jail over two sodas! 

I turned around to return the drink, and she pulled on my arm and turned me around.  She again told me to calm down and to take a drink.  So I did…then she pointed and laughed.  “You can’t return it now, you already drank out of it”  This in turn made me freak out again…I JUST STOLE POP!  I took another drink…AND I LIKE IT!  I looked at her on the drive home and told her we were going to hell for this. She laughed and told me to drink my pop. 

The moral of the story, no matter what the situation, and for that matter how kind someone else is being, a worrier will always worry about it. 

The next moral of the story…she still laughs at me to this day about the whole soda “stealing” thing…and I still think that if a cop had seen us, we’d probably have been fined or cuffed and taken to jail.  I should have just kept my mouth shut!

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