Monday, December 13, 2010 you have a happy dance?

HELLO WORLD!  This is my blog and you can call me Happy Dance.  I am a weird and awkward person out in the world, just like all of you weird and awkward people reading this.  I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, why I actually decided to write this blog, and tell you why I choose the name Happy Dance.

So my "name" is Happy Dance, and as you can probably tell, I love to dance.  I have been dancing my way through like seriously taking ballroom dance classes, not playing around during college courses.  It has been the one hobby I have found that I don't think I could live without.  I wake up wanting to dance, and even when I am down I still have a nudge inside my brain telling me to get up off my butt and shake it (or at least swing dance).  I went all the way through college and achieved my Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration last May, and now I work as an Academic Advisor.  I LOVE what I do, and also can't wait to go to work in the morning.  I take college education very seriously, but also with a little dose of fun thrown in just for kicks.  Right now there are a few focuses of mine outside of my love of dancing and work and they are cooking, playing with my baby girl (Bella, my dog), being with my awesome boyfriend (G), and losing weight (since I started my job I have lost over 25lbs - so since June).  I LOVE Christmas time with all the snow and hot chocolate and family gatherings.  When I am tired I am cranky and when I am not tired I am not cranky...well usually.  I have lived in St. Louis for only 2 years but I am starting to fall for this city.  There are so many free things to do...which on my budget, is AWESOME!  I am originally from a very small town - only had 200 people in my high school...and that was 5 small towns put together - so big city living can be overwhelming to me at times.  I say words like "darn tooting" and "conniption"(did I spell that right?) and people look at me weird here in STL, but back home I fit right in.  OH and don’t' be surprised if every now and again...ok all the time...I will throw in a "Ya'll".  Even though I am not from the South this is a perfectly good and wholesome word to use when talking about a group of people. 

Why did I decide to write this blog:  I have always loved to write, but am afraid to do so sometimes, due to my dyslexia.  I have had dyslexia ever since I was little, and had training for it growing up.  I was told by guidance counselors throughout my whole life that I wouldn't make it to college...well umm did yeah they were wrong.  I love that I have had such great support throughout my life to get me through all that.  I have only just begun telling people outside of REALLY close family and friends about my dyslexia because I now know I can help others with the diagnoses.  Again there will be misspellings and horrible grammar mistakes throughout this blog...if you don't like that, you aren't going to like this blog.  I also decided to write this blog because I think I just might be an interesting person...that's right...I'm not boring...well on somedays I'm not boring (that's more like it).  SO I figured if I'm not that boring...then maybe a blog would be a great way to share my unboringness (oh yeah and I also like to make up my own words...see so unboring right there!)

Why did I choose the name Happy Dance for this blog:  Because I really do think that life is a dance that we waltz, swing, rumba, and tango through.  There are highs and lows, and huge steps and small steps, and great music for any occasion.  With just one dance you can change the world...that's how I see life...with just one small thing you can change the world.  So whether that small thing be a smile or a laugh it changed the world somehow. 

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