Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don’t Spill the Tea!

I talk with my hands…most…ok, all, of the time.  I am very expressive, and when it comes to talking with my hands, I don’t usually pay attention to what is near my hands when talking…so a lot of things get knocked over.  Apparently this is something I have been suffering from since I was a little kids, because I was always told to move something out of my way, or someone would just do it when I would start talking. 

My most vivid memory of this situation was when I was about 8 or 9 and I was at a restaurant with my mom and dad.  I was probably talking about school, or something (I am a nerd now, and was a nerd then) and talking with my hands.  The whole time my dad kept interrupting me by saying, “Don’t spill your tea, Happy Dance!” and I was getting really annoyed and really not listening to him.  Finally my mom just got tired of hearing him talk about it and me getting lost in thought of what I was saying and repeating myself, so she moved the tea herself. 

Right before the waiter came to the table with our food, my dad reached to grab his napkin which was at the edge of the table.  In doing so, he knocked over his tea, all over the table, all over us, and all over the floor.  My dad turned beat read, and I shouted “DAD! DON’T SPILL THE TEA!” Everyone around us, who had probably heard the whole thing of him telling me the same thing, busted into laughter, and so did my parents.  Now when we order tea at a restaurant it is a huge family joke…so just remember when you are out and about Don’t Spill the Tea!

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