Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Nephews 11th Birthday

Yesterday was my nephews birthday.  He turned 11!  That’s right at age 12 I was an Aunt and I took (and still do take) the job very seriously.  Anyway he lives in South Carolina and we don’t get to see my sister or my nephews that often. So it stinks when we don’t get to see them on important days, like birthdays. 
Anyway, I got to thinking about the first time I ever met my nephew.  At that point he was almost 6 months old and I was super excited to finally meet him.  My sister brought this little buddle of joy into our hotel room and sat him on the bed.  After fusing with him for awhile I asked if I could pick him up.  After getting the “OK” I knelt down beside the bed and picked him up out of the car seat.  I held him out from me and looked him in the eye…and that’s when it happened.  He threw up all over me!  It was GROSS!  I put him back down in the car seat and ran into the bathroom…all the while my family was laughing in the other room.  I came out with a new shirt on and tried this all over again.  This time I had a washcloth on my shoulder and I held him to me.  I don’t think if any other child would have done that, that I would have ever picked them up again…but even though my nephew ended up throwing up on me around 16 times that visit, we were there for around 4 or 5 days– mostly just spit up, but still it’s just gross – I still ended up falling for that little guy.  He is the one who stole my heart first and I can’t believe he is already 11.  He has gotten so big and has matured so much, and since that first visit, he hasn’t thrown up on me since. I am proud to have the nephews I have, even if they spit up on me!

and now my really sloppy and horrible rendition of my nephews and my first meeting...enjoy :)

There you have my nephew and I first met :)

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