Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bella and her nose

So Bella is my dog…we’ve seen her real face and how it looks like the predator.  We know she does really funny and weird things…but let me tell you about the time that she really scared me. 

Bella loves her big back yard (that’s right she has claimed it as hers).  She guards it and barks at the other dogs that live nearby that she can see.  She has a race track and she has a spot where she sits and watches the road. 

When we first moved in we didn’t have a fully fenced in back yard, so if we let her off her chain when she went outside so we had to really watch her.  I was sitting in a chair reading a book and Bebe was doing some yard work.  Bella was off her chain and smelling the tree. 

I looked up from my book to make sure she was alright and saw that Bella had something in her month.  I yelled “Bella Drop It!”  (I don’t like it when she has things that aren’t toys are something I approve of in her mouth.)  She dropped it instantly.  I walked towards her telling her “Good Girl.”

And that’s when I looked down to see what it was that she had.  It was a dead squirrel!  Not just any Squirrel!  It was a corpse squirrel, it was hard and mostly just bones stuck together.  I was SO grossed out!  I called to Bebe and brought Bella away from the corpse. 

She was extremely pleased with herself having found the corpse all by herself she was wagging her tail and, thinking this was all just a game, trying to get back to eating the dead squirrel. 

Bebe found where she had gotten the corpse from, she had dug a hole and she had pried it from the ground.  (A. we didn’t know she was a digger until this moment, B. she was apparently a really quick digger, I hadn’t been looking down at my book for very long and this was a pretty deep hole, C. she had smelled the corpse squirrel all the way through the ground and then went for it) This was pretty troubling news.  We covered up the hole with all the dirt she had dug up, and Bebe picked up the corpse and put it in the trashcan. 

Bella was inside looking at us with a lot of confusion.  I looked back at her and wondered how I was supposed to disinfect her mouth.

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