Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bella’s New Duck

I bought Bella a duck last year.  It is a plush stuffed toy duck and it squawks whenever you squeeze it. Anyway she loves it.  She picks that toy over any other toy that might be around.  You put your arms out for her to come and cuddle with you, and she will run to get her duck because the duck just can’t be left out of a good hug, now can it? 

After a whole year of her tugging it around everywhere she went (it’s like a security blanket) Bebe and I finally decided it had to go.  It went from a bright shade of brown and white to a nasty shade of gray over this time period and it had a hole near the neck where Bella held it most often.  But Bella can’t go a day without her Duck.  She goes crazy when she can’t find it, or she just gets depressed and sleeps all day (well she does that anyway, but when she can’t find her duck she has a very sad expression on her face when she sleeps and she has nightmares where she is running away from something…or maybe running to something…like her duck). 

She left it downstairs one day and spent all day looking through every room trying to locate it, and finally when I went downstairs to do laundry and she followed me and came upon it, you would have thought it was the best day in the whole world for her.  She jumped on it, and ran up and down the stairs with it in her mouth until I came upstairs to play with her and the duck.  So there was no way of getting rid of the duck totally.

So I looked everywhere to try and find a replacement duck…but it needed to be the same type of duck and it had to make the same kind of noise.  I got her a squirrel toy, and she didn’t play with it much, my mom got her a raccoon, and she played with it only because I forgot to bring her duck with us and then she tore the raccoon up, my mom bought her a skunk and Bella likes it, but she rarely plays with it she always picks her duck over it.  I have bought her bones and other toys and she never touches them.  The duck was nowhere to be found…it wasn’t at the original store anymore, except for in a much smaller size, it wasn’t at any pet stores, and it wasn’t at the hardware stores.  So where was I suppose to go?  THE INTERNET!  I got online and put in Dog Duck Toy, and BAM! There it was!  So I ordered it (spent $13 on this little toy) and it was on its way! 

When the new toy finally came, you would think she would be all pleased and forget about the old duck.  WRONG!  She now plays with both the old duck and the new duck.  She gets confused about which one she should play with so we get to play with both.  One duck is in her mouth, the other duck she is kicking along with her feet towards you.  I doubt we are ever going to get rid of the old duck now. 

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  1. P.S. I know it's not a duck, people....but yelling at Bella "Go get your goose" just sounds weirder then saying "Bella go get your duck" :) So in her mind her Goose is her Duck :)