Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three things I did, and three things I did not do, over the Christmas holiday.

Three things I did Not Do:

I did not get to watch A Christmas Story.  I know I said I would, but every time it was one, I got distracted or someone wanted my attention (more on this in the Three things I did do section). So I still don’t know why the lamp is shaped like a leg or why a little boy would put his tongue on a pole in the middle of winter.

I did not blog after Christmas…I know I was a horrible horrible blogger…I just haven’t had the time, but I promise to make it up to you all (you’ll understand why in the Three things I did do Section).

I did not get sick! YAY! Which is a huge achievement for me…usually every Christmas I am either sick, or coming down with something.  This Holiday season I was way too busy to be sick.

Three things I did do:
I did say “Yes” to Bebe when he asked me to Marry Him.  There now can you see why I have been busy. He asked me Christmas eve (that story to come later) it was perfect and wonderful.  That evening while we were at his Grandpas house A Christmas Story was on, and I wanted to watch it, but I was busy talking with everyone about the wedding planning.  Then Christmas Day when it was one we were at my families Christmas and we had the same problem.  So still I have never seen A Christmas Story all the way through, but I don’t really think you can blame me on this one…blame Bebe.

I did plan a wedding.  Basically I had two weeks after Bebe asked me until my work started up again.  So in those two weeks I did nothing but research places, buy things, and plan out everything (well as much as I could so I wouldn’t have to worry about so much when I went back to work).  It was a really rough two first weeks of engagement.  But I figure if Bebe can stick with me through those first two weeks we will be good together for life together. 

I did get to spend a lot of quality time with my family and my future in-laws.  That is one of my favorite things about the Holiday season.  With all the planning and organizing and everything I spent a lot of time being with everyone who is involved.  I had a wonderful time being with everyone and spending a wonderful holiday with them all.

I apologize for my absenteeism, but I will be posting more regularly now that more things are finished and my worries (remember I am a worry wart) are put to rest (well some of them are).  Happy Dance is back to Dancing Happy :)

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  1. Love the pics hahah... Your ring is absolutely gorgeous too!!!!