Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider, who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

We have all heard that nursery rhyme before…well that ladies and gentlemen was Happy Dance a few weeks ago. 

I had just left work and was at the first stop light before my turn to get on the interstate to go home.  I was jamming out to one of my favorite songs and then that’s when I saw it! This green little creature was slowly falling down from the roof of my car and then it hovered right next to the steering wheel.  I screamed, I waved my arms, I did what most girls do, I tried to get away.  But the thing is, I was in my car, I was buckled in (PSA announcement from Happy Dance, “Always wear your seatbelts!”), and there was nowhere for me to run. 

I took my lunch pale up and brought it up to try and hit the spider out my window, that I was quickly trying to open.  The little bugger climbed up his stringy backside mess to the roof, and then the light turned green and I had to turn onto the interstate.  The whole time I was thinking, it won’t bother me, it will stay right up there.  That’s when it came down again.  Mind you I’m driving, on the interstate, in crazy traffic.  Also I don’t like to kill anything, not even spiders, I always ask Bebe or someone near by to kill it for me.  I feel bad, it might have a family or something, and my killing it might cause huge issues for them financially (just go with it people!). 

I finally decide to take off my shoe and try and hit it.  I hit it with my shoe, and it falls to the floor.  I put my shoe back on and start stomping at the ground (I have no idea where it hit).  I call Kat up and tell her about it and ask her to keep my mind off of it and to see if she thought the spider forgave me for killing it, because I felt bad.  The whole time I felt like it was on my legs, or biting me out of revenge.  I have no idea if it was killed by my shoe or not.  The next morning on my way to work I remembered the whole incident and kept my eye out for it. 

I haven’t seen it since, I think it is lurking under my driver side seat, growing, and waiting for the right time to come out and try to step on me.  Just wait, you’ll hear about it on the front page of a newspaper or the internet, “Woman on way to work killed in car accident after huge spider tried to squish her to death”


  1. hahaha I like how you said just go with it hahah your funny girl :)

  2. " killing it might cause huge issues for them financially (just go with it people!)"
    My favorite part too! LOL